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Tips to Avoid Trademark Infringements

When setting up a new company or launching a new brand, there is a lot to be considered in terms of naming your brand and creating a unique identity. Trademark is a unique word, symbol, name, logo that identifies a business or its products. It distinguishes them from other businesses or products in the market. Trademarks are, indeed an excellent way to distinguish between one competitor from another. If your product, brand identity or trademark is identical or unreasonably similar to another, it could lead to a trademark infringement. Trademark infringement occurs when someone uses your trademark for their own business without your permission. This creates confusion among consumers and could lead to many legal problems. To avoid this, it is important to practice due diligence before settling on a trademark to get your own trademark registered as early as possible.

Here are some tips to help you avoid trademark infringement and save you from expensive legal disputes.

Do Thorough Research

Before registering your trademark, conduct thorough research to avoid any clashes with an existing trademark. If you find something that sounds or seems similar to what you have decided, consider changing that name.

Hire A Lawyer


If you can’t find anything that matches your trademark, hire copyright lawyers melbourne. A trademark lawyer is one who deals with issues involving trademark laws and practice and gives legal advice on trademark matters. A trademark lawyer will help you throughout the legal process and make sure you’re not infringing on any other trademarks.

Be Aware of Existing Confusion

Another way to avoid getting sued for infringement is to learn about the already existing confusion among consumers in the market. If you see people contact the wrong company for a similar product or returned a product to the wrong company, it means there is confusion somewhere and your trademark might be the cause of it.

Register your Trademark ASAP

Once you have a name, logo and other identifiers of your brand finalized, get the trademark registered as soon as possible. This way you can not only reduce the likelihood of infringement of other trademarks but can also keep your brand’s identity protected under the laws governing trademarks.

Be Original

Probably the most effective way to avoid trademark infringements is to be original. Whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise, the more creative and original you are, the more likely you will be to avoid any trademark infringement. Analyze your goods, find your strength, search the market and come up with an original, intellectual and creative name and branding for your business.

Trademark infringements can lead to long drawn out legal battles that will cost you and your brand dearly in terms of money, time and reputation. It is therefore, a good idea to take the appropriate steps to avoid any trademark infringements.

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Family Law Solicitors

Benefits of Hiring the Professionals Initiating a divorce process can be stressful and challenging when you have just separated from your partner. Hiring the wrong

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Human Rights in Australia

Human rights are something which every individual must have no matter which country he/she belongs. Human rights are a part of our lives, and most of us take it for granted. Australia is proud of its human rights, and though it is not perfect, many people are given privileges for various things.

Protection of human rights in Australia:

Very often the human rights are not given to people, and even though there is a law, the citizens are often withheld from it. The government of Australia tries so hard to protect the human rights of its land and to bring the human right standards on an international level to Australia; it has introduced these laws as domestic law. These laws cannot be overruled by any state in Australia.

State governments of Australia have a major role in altering the human rights in Australia. They have the power to make laws which relate to justice, education and health.

Human rights issues in Australia:

Australia is a vibrant country which has a multicultural democracy, and it believes in protecting the civil rights of its citizens. However, there have been some serious human rights issues which were raised in the country. Some people are denied some of the basic rights just because of their race and colour. People are discriminated by their sex, and there are groups in Australia who are never given the basic human rights just because of who they are. About 20% of Australians speak other languages at home other than English, and these people though being from different races need to be given basic rights.

International treaties signed by Australia:

The country is keen in developing its standards in international human rights and thus has signed many international treaties. Some of them include Civil and Political Rights, Discrimination against Women, Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination etc.

Indigenous rights:

When compared to non indigenous people, the indigenous people are said to be imprisoned and aborigines are said to be convicted for many crimes. Though there is a law which says that the indigenous people’s crimes can be a sanction of last resort, the imprisonment of these people has only increased in the past years.

Children’s rights:

In the year 2016, at a youth detention facility children were tear-gassed, stripped and shackled. There were many shortcomings in the juvenile detention centres and even though all these happened, no action was taken by the territory officials and thus the Prime Minister immediately had announce the Royal commission to the youth detention centres in the country.

Disability Rights:

In the year 2015, the senate of the country came to know that disable people are abused and neglected. The National Disability Insurance Scheme was introduced in the year 2016 to bring down the abuse that is done to the disable people.

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