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How to Win a Credit Union Dispute

Having a dispute with your credit union can introduce a lot of problems if you don’t take any action immediately. Any issues concerning money and loans should be solved as soon as possible, before it erupts into a bigger problem. Allow us to be your guide in creating a plausible credit union dispute resolution.

Call your lender as soon as possible

If you think this is just a minor store error, you should call your lender as soon as you discovered a charge that isn’t yours. You can fix the problem over the phone if it’s just a simple error that resulted in a wrong amount of charge.

Typically, the law will provide you at least a month in order to call and notify your lender regarding the issue. It’s a lot of time to solve a minor store error. Your lender will be the one to take care of the error himself it ’s proven that the credit union is at fault for the dispute.

Write to the credit union

If in case your lender will fail to acknowledge the mistake with the charge, you can proceed writing to the credit union itself. Include your recently-made attempts at resolving the dispute with the lender in your letter. As much as possible, include some proof that will testify the charge isn’t yours.

Also, mail the letter certified with a return receipt requested. In that way, you will not wait in vain. If you have recorded your conversation with the lender, the better it would be. Make sure that you have copies of the letters that you sent. You can expect a letter of acknowledgement from the credit union within a month only.

Know your dispute rights

Knowing your dispute rights will increase your chances of winning this dispute over your credit union. The moment you raise a dispute with your credit union, the investigation must take place within 90 days only. You also don’t need to pay for any charge raising a dispute. The credit union also cannot charge interest on the disputed amount.

Always be polite

You don’t need to let the rage get the worst out of you. If you want to claim the winning hand against your credit union, you should be polite. Even if you are disheartened, never raise your voice especially when you are on a phone call. Let them raise their voice at you but never talk back.

All your letters must be formal and factual. You should also avoid any speculation as much as you can. Knowing that it’s a legitimate claim on your side, don’t be afraid to be persistent that do not forget to be polite at all times.

Now that you know how to create an effective credit union dispute resolution, you can use if you find yourself in a conflict between your lender. If you know that you are on the right side, then there’s nothing to be afraid when creating a dispute resolution.